FAQS (Frequent Ask Questions)

Below are some frequent ask questions asked by our clients and loan applicant, kindly go through the questions and answer to aviod asking same questions to our customer care.

What is the interest rate

    Personal Loan : 2.00%

    Education Loan : 2.00%

    Company Loan : 2.00%

    Ceremony Loan: (Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday): 2.00%

    Business Loan : 2.00%

What do I need to be eligible?
  • You must have a valid I.D or National I.D
  • Your age should be between 18 and 70 years
  • You must have an active account
  • You must have a realistic repayment plan
How do I apply?

All application must be done online. logon to www.annuvaplc.com, click on apply for loan or apply button below to apply for your loan without collateral

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How much can I borrow?

You can access up to USD 2,000,000.00 (approximately EUR 1,661,600)

Can I make part payment on my loan?

No, you cannot make part payment as your loan repayment date are agreed before loan disbursement, however a change in repayment date is possible depending on your cash flow. Charges will apply in case you change your repayment date.

Can I pre-liquidate my outstanding loan?

Yes you can pre-liquidate your loan, however there is a pre-liquidation fee of 2% of loan value. but this percentage varies with the amount you request for, and is negotiable.

How early can I apply for another loan after repaying a loan fully?

You can apply immediately after a full repayment of existing loan.

What documents am I required to present?
  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • A valid means of Identification( International Passport, Driver's Licence or National ID card)
  • You will be required scan and send to us your Account statement , which we shall further verify
  • Tax ID and Employment Letter (Optional)
  • Direct Debit Mandate or loan processing fee transfer slip.
  • If you are an outsourced employee or your employment has not been confirmed, you will be required to provide a guarantor who must be a permanent staff of your firm and must have capacity
How can I repay?

You can repay with Cheques , Direct Debit mandate , Western Union Transfer or Bank to Bank Transfer.

How do I repay if I don’t want my cheques presented?

If you don’t want your cheques presented, you can make payment in our account with details as send to you via our secured loan email (loan.annuvaplc.com). You must inform us at least 72 hours before your repayment date and effect transfer at least 48 hours before the payment date on the cheques

What is the penalty for defaulting on loan repayment?
The default penalty is 1% on instalment amount for each day of default. If the default passes 30 days, more stringent measures may be applied which may include:
  • Reporting defaulter to his/her employer or school management
  • Reporting defaulter to Credit Bureau