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About us

Our Story (Vision/Mission)

Annuva Plc (Loan Service)  is a pro-poor financial institution committed to the social and economic empowerment of low-income households through provision of access to responsive financial services on a sustainable basis. The Institution was established in the year 2008 as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by Smith Baroack.

In 2009, Annuva Plc (Loan Service)  obtained the approval of the Central Bank of Dubai , and European Financial Institution to operate as to operate as a microfinance bank and in 2010, it became of the best to operate as a state microfinance bank leading micro-loan to people arround the globe, Africa, Asia, Europe, America. Over the years, Annuva Plc has emerged as a leading institution delivering a range of financial services to over a two million people around the world.

Our Vision/Mission

Improving lives

The Annuva Plc family share mutual core values that are centred on:

  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Simplicity
  • Excellence
  • Customer-centeredness

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is a process identified by Annuva Plc in managing its financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities; it focuses on promoting the welfare of people, and preserving the planet in addition to superior financial performance.  Our sustainability statement is to be a sustainable Microfinance Bank that supports its partners to become proactive participants in positively impacting the environment and society through sustainable practices, meeting the economic and social needs of its clients while fulfilling the expectations of its stakeholders”.

Annuva Plc is committed to the empowerment of low-income individual through access to responsive loan financial services on a sustainable basis. Annuva Plc recognizes that poverty is manifested in different ways such as ill-health, ignorance, illiteracy, too large family size, low self-esteem and inability to participate effectively in the informal sector of the economy.

Annuva Plc institution focuses on three core areas of empowerment;

1.Material wealth,

2.Health and

3.Social inclusion.

Providing loan credit is a cost effective weapon to fight poverty and it serves as a catalyst in the overall development of socio-economic conditions of the poor, however we understand that focusing only on credit facilities without meeting other needs of our clients can affect the quality of our credit facilities such as diversion of funds.


This loan agreement is hereby agreed to by the following parties: Lender and Borrower, the Lender and Borrower shall collectively be referred to as “The Parties” for the purposes of this loan agreement.
The Lender hereby agrees to extend a loan to the Borrower, and the Borrower agrees to accept and repay a loan from the Lender pursuant to the entire terms of this agreement.

1. Loan

The Lender agrees to loan [Loan; Amount] to the Borrower as of [Loan; Date]. The Borrower agrees to repay that amount plus interest in accordance with the terms of this loan agreement.

2. Loan Delivery

The Lender shall make the full loan amount available to the Borrower via the following method: Wester Union Money Transfer, Bank to Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, etc. (Note: If Lender indicates “wire transfer” as the loan delivery method, the Borrower should complete the “wire transfer” of this loan agreement)

Wire Transfer

Account Number .Account Holder Name , Routing Number.

3. Loan Repayment

The Borrower agrees to make monthly payments in the amount of [Payment.Amount] no later than the 1st calendar day of each month. The Borrower will make [Payments.Amount] payments to the Lender in this manner.
The initial loan repayment installment shall be due on a specific date and shall continue monthly until the final payment, due on a specified date.
Payment shall be considered late if not made by 5:00pm [Lender Time zone] on the 1st calendar day of each month. All late payments shall be subject to a [Late Fee Amount] late payment fee.
Payments can be made via the following methods: approved payment method

4. Governing Law

The terms of this loan agreement shall be governed by the laws of [Sender State]. Any disputes, suits, or grievances must be filed in the state of [Sender State].

5. Non-Payment Penalty

Should the Borrower fail to make payments in accordance with this loan agreement, the Lender may bring due the full remaining balance of the loan. In such a case, the Borrower must pay the full remaining balance of the loan within 30 days.

6. Legal Fees

A. All loan must be insured. The said loan Insurance fee shall be 5% of the loan requested for by the borrower, this fee must be paid in full or part before the loan can be transfer by Annuva Plc to the borrower.

B. Both parties agree that, in the event of a court dispute regarding this loan agreement, the prevailing party’s full legal costs, including attorneys’ fees, shall be reimbursed by the opposite party.

7. Successors

In the event that either party becomes deceased or otherwise incapacitated, their legal successors shall be fully responsible for upholding the terms of this loan agreement.

8. Financing Itemization

Amount given to borrower, Finance charge, Interest (if repaid entirely via monthly installments), Total Amount of Payments (if repaid as scheduled):
Loan:  Principal Amount , Finance Charge; Amount, Interest;  Amount, Total Repayment; Amount.


Any communication or notification related to this loan agreement shall be made as follows:
If to the Lender: Street, Email, City, State, Zip, Phone
If to the Borrower: Street, Email, City, State, Zip, Phone


By signing, both parties indicate their acceptance of the terms of this loan agreement by singing on agreement letter. i.e Borrower name ; Signature with date, likewise lender company name, signature of principal person and date



The following are the various testimonies of our customers around the globe, testifying of our loan service. Few among thousands of satisfied client testimony are displayed below, everyday more testimony are coming into our emails. We are glad to put smile in your face, keep sending us your testimony; we hope to serve you more.
  • Mrs. Kufi Kameli

    " I was told about the microcredit programme of Annuva Plc (Loan Service) in January 2007, when I was in financial need to expand my restaurant business. With the help of their swift financial service, I got my loan and moved into a bigger business location. My business is growing everyday, and my family is happy."

  • Mr. Abraham WIlliams

    " With support from Annuva Plc (Loan Service), my motor business improved the standard of living of my family. The business grew from a capital base of USD 500,000 in 2011 to USD 2,000,000 to date. my daily sales improved

  • Mrs. Amino Adebola

    "On the advice of a friend in 2015, I joined Annuva Plc (Loan Service) and haven’t looked back since. My Cloths business has grown rapidly with a corresponding increase in profit margin. Now I am economically empowered to assist my mum, thanks to Annnuva Plc.

  • Mrs. Christy Pedro

    "I was reluctant initially to apply for the Annuva Plc (Loan Service) Educational Loan scheme for my son, but was surprised when my son’s loan was approved within two working days. I was asked to provide for information about my bank for transfer, i got bank credit alert with three working days, I am happy that Annuva Plc is giving my child the opportunity to enjoy his first degree education with low interest rate loan which he can pay, after he has finish his academic and have started working."

  • Mr. Ahmed Abrahim

    "I heard about the Annuva Plc Educational Loan scheme from my mum friend, I applied. The entire process was fast and transparent . I was very happy when my daughter educational loan was approved within 48hr. Annuva Plc is indeed the best online loan service."


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