Filled the form below to apply for any loan of your choice, Loan available at Annuva Plc are without collateral, all you need to do, is to apply with a valid passport, statement of account and wait for 24hr, check your email, you used to apply a responds from our official email will reply "approved or disapproved", if your loan is disapproved, note that maybe your age is below 18yrs, ask a friend or family member who is above 18yrs of age to apply for loan for you. all loans are between the range of $5,000 US Dollar to $2,000,000 US Dollar. If your loan is approved, you will be asked to further provide wiring information about your account you want the loan money to be send to, thereafter, you will receive an alert from your bank, of the same amount of money you requested for within two (2) working days..Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to serve you more.